Eastern Medicine Fee Information

Because we truly want you to be able to come in with the frequency needed to get great results,

we offer a Pay-It-Forward Scale. No need to show proof of income, just pay what you are able. 
Those who pay more, help cover the cost for those who need to pay less.

Due to our pay scale, we cannot bill insurance.
We can provide you with a payment receipt if you would like to submit it to insurance.
Payment is due at the time of service; we accept cash, check or credit cards. 

24 Hour Cancellation Fee: Our practitioners get paid by appointment and as we appreciate their time,

if you cancel, forget, or reschedule in less than 24 hours notice, you will need to pay a $25 fee. 
Update: At the current time, we are waiving the cancellation fee if you are sick.

If you no-show without calling you will need to pay to $25 fee.   


Pay-It-Forward Fee Scale

Eastern Medicine Appointment

~New Patient Consult & Treatment : $75-150

 Includes an average of 30 minutes of consult & treatment time with the Practitioner, then 15-30 minutes at   rest in a recliner or on a massage table.

 (The practitioner will utilize whichever modalities are best suited to your conditions; Acupuncture,   Cupping, Estim., Herbal consult etc. Cost of formulas is separate & varies per ingredients.)

~Returning Patient Treatment : $55-150

Includes 20 minutes with the Practitioner & 15-45 minutes at rest in a recliner or on massage table.

Tipping is not expected but always appreciated.

Our space allows us to treat you based on your needs, in a recliner or on a massage table.

All treatments will be in a private room.

Many people have asked for guidance in how to use the Pay-It-Forward fee scale.

So here are a couple of basic guides based on income or how often you plan to come in.

You are welcome to use one of these guides or just pay what you feel you are able.

Yearly Income    /    Suggested Fee
    <$15,000                     $55-80
   $15-30,000                   $65-90
   $30-45,000                   $75-100
   $45-60,000                   $85-110
   $60-75,000                   $95-120
    >$75,000                     $105-150
     Frequency           Suggested Fee
3 appts per week           $55-65
1-2 times per week        $60-75
Twice per month            $70-85
Once per month             $80-95
Once per season            $90-110
Occasional                       $100-150

Clinic Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
We will evaulate and add appointments
on a weekly basis.
We hope to offer more times in
the not-too-distant future.