Here are some of the things acupuncture is commonly used to treat.

Reducing Stress & Inducing Relaxation

We can help you relax and let go of the stress of everyday life. So important because stress makes everything seem bigger, increases pain and decreases sleep & immunity.


Headaches/ Migraines

It is not unsual for patients who come in with a headache, to leave without one. And with regular treatments migraines can be kept completely at bay.


Women's Care-

Menstrual, Prenatal, Postnatal, & Menopausal

We can help you with morning sickness, pain, headache, breech presentation, and even getting things going for labor. Postpartum is an especially important time to rest & replenish and we can help you recover from delivery, pain from c-sections, postpartum depression or increase milk supply. 
Treatments can also be useful in treating pms and many menstrual imbalances.



Acupuncture is great for treating insomnia and helping you get a more restful night's sleep.
Sleep like stress can affect all other ailments. Getting more sleep improves mood, immunity and pain tolerance.

Anxiety & Depression

Acupuncture, often in combination with Chinese herbal formulas can help you make huge strides in overcoming any issues with anxiety or depression.

PAIN of all kinds

Acupuncture is very effective in getting rid of acute pain and managing chronic pain- back pain, arthritis, joint pain, injuries, fibromyalgia...
In Chinese Medicine there is a saying, "Where there is pain there is no free flow and where there is no free flow there is pain." Acupuncture is amazing at freeing the flow & stopping the pain.


Support Immunity

It is great for helping keep the immune system working properly so that you can easily fight off colds and the flu, as well as, helping to curb those pesky allergy symptoms.


Fertility- Male & Female

Chinese medicine is wonderful for helping you prepare for conception by balancing patterns in both men & women that may be in the way of conceiving as well as improving general health for optimal circumstances.



Yes, even kids can benefit from acupuncture! There are special modalities just for children, so kids of all ages even babies, can receive treatments. Occasionally we do needle kids, but more often we use simple tools that do not puncture the skin or a tool that stimulates acupuncture points with a gentle barely noticiable electric pulse. And they love it!


Nearly Everything

Pain, illness, & basically any problem we encounter is caused by imbalance.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine's main goal is balance.

So it can help with nearly EVERYTHING!

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