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Treatment Modalities


The gentle insertion of very thin, sterile needles into specific points on the body. Acupuncture can be used to treat nearly all ailments from stress, muscle tension and headaches to IBS, insomnia, & menopausal syndromes.

Love Co Acupuncture, Community Acupuncture, Fort Collins, Eastern Medicine

What patients are saying: 

Dearest Megan,
The treatment you gave me was the most amazing experience. For the first time in so long I was at peace in my body and mind. Slipping through levels of consciousness that were powerful, peaceful and safe. Thank you so much! I'll see you in a few days for another.


Love Co Acupuncture, Community Acupuncture, Fort Collins, Chinese Medicine
Chinese Herbs

A herbal prescription will be formulated according to the individual patient's pattern. These formulas can be modified as the patient's needs change through the evolution of their healing process.

Glass or plastic cups are used to create a localized vacuum-like suction, sometimes combined with heat or magnet therapy. Cupping can increase circulation &  loosen tight muscles. 

I just wanted to say Thank You for all the treatments prior to & throughout my pregnancy! I could not have wished for an easier pregnancy or faster birth & I credit much of both to acupuncture. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


E-stim/ Electrical Stimulation
The application of an electrical current to acupuncture needles allowing for prolonged stimulation of points. Or using a specialized tool directly on acupuncture points. Particularly useful for pain.
Love Co Acupuncture, Fort Collins, Community Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Suggestions from a Chinese Medicine perspective on diet and exercises to help the body correct imbalances.


The use of the slow-burning herb moxa, also called mugwort used to tonify or warm an area or stimulate circulation of qi & blood. It may be used for pain, cramps, skin problems, & much more. 

Ear acupuncture is amazingly powerful and helpful for pain, stress, addiction, PTSD and more.
Silver Earrings

Pediatric Treatments

Chinese Medicine can be great for kids. We can utilize several modalities; shoneshin- use of small tools that do not puncture the skin, a point stimulator that puts off a nearly undetectable electric pulse, needles or herbs. 

Thank you Megan for listening to me and my body. I deal with pain & numbness in my calf, ankle & toes due to a bulging L4-5 disc. Your great care helped me have a great vacation. I hiked 6-9 miles a day...with a 15 pound backpack...for 6 days...with NO PAIN! Your care is so appreciated, thank you for helping me in such a compassionate way! Your love of your job is excellent!


My pain went from a 8/10 before treatment to a 3-4/10 after. So much more managable! Thank you.


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